AquafilCRO is a company that produces threads for textile floor coverings. It was founded in Italy, but they spread further around the world and that’s how they came to our Croatia. They settled in Oroslavje and as the days passed, the production increased. After some time, they realized that they did not have enough storage space, and they approached us about it. The hall, which we produced and installed, serves as a warehouse for the ropes used to make all kinds of carpets and upholstery for cars.

The hall measuring 28m×65m and height 6m is a welded steel structure with a double-roofed cover, anti-corrosion protected by painting in the primer and final coating. At the request of the investor, the basic cover is panels placed on the roof and on the sides, but of different thicknesses.

AquafilCRO has roof panels with a thickness of 50 mm, made of galvanized and painted sheet metal with a thickness of 0.50 mm, painted in RAL 9002, with filling made of polyurethane-insulating material.

The side panels are 40mm thick, made of galvanized and painted sheet 0.50mm, painted in RAL 9006.

A single-leaf aluminum door measuring 100×210cm and an industrial sectional door measuring 2.8m×h3m with 40mm thick “Ryterna” panels are installed on the facade.

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