Industrial halls

Production halls

MD konstrukcije offer industrial halls that offer a practical solution for a wide variety of industrial plants. The industrial hall can be used as a production facility for various types of production. The industrial hall, as well as the tents, do not have support columns, which enables the use of the entire space for production purposes. MD konstrukcije offer their clients the possibility of combining a production and storage facility by separating the two spaces with partition walls. Halls can be covered with sheet metal or panels from our trusted suppliers Lim Mont d.o.o. which ensures the quality of its products.

Md konstrukcije offers its clients an individual approach and the possibility to:

We approach each design and construction of an industrial facility and production hall individually, guided by the wishes and needs of the individual client. We guarantee the safety of all types of goods, starting from those that require the most demanding conditions, such as: sensitivity to moisture, temperature difference and easily flammable things.

Production halls

We highlight our extensive experience in building agricultural halls for various purposes:

The advantage of building steel structures that have less requirements for foundations and prefabricated construction on the site itself is the speed of construction. With short production and assembly time, we are able to produce separate and auxiliary buildings from steel profiles and the possibility of combining them with other materials, such as wood, concrete and glass.

Agricultural halls can be: