Industrial tents

By making steel structures, we offer you an advantage in usability, aesthetics, economy and flexibility.

Industrial tents will increase the flexibility of your business space and production. The purpose, location, products and tent materials can be complemented during their working life. We adjust the size, arrangement or insulation of your tent and add extensions if necessary.

MD konstrukcije tents are spacious and bright. They are built without support poles, which makes the entire space usable and enables the unhindered movement of machines inside the tent. Thanks to the air-tight structure, the humidity level inside the tent can be maintained at the same level without additional heating and additional costs throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Accordingly, the tents can be used for various events:

For the tent cover, we use PVC cover material hat provides protection from various weather conditions. In MD Konstrukcije, we use only the highest quality materials because we want to ensure quality and safety for our clients. That is why we purchase PVC materials from one of the best companies, Serge Ferrari whose quality is recognized worldwide. The strength and color of the covering material is adapted to the needs of the client and the project itself.

We offer you a choice of:

Finance your tents or hall with Raiffeisen Leasing, with whom we have excellent business cooperation.