Other constructions


MD konstrukcije use quality and proven materials for all their products. One of the best suppliers of steel in this area is BIDD Samobor d.o.o.. MD Constructions offers functional heated and cooled steel constructions for various sports activities:​​ football, hockey, handball, ​bocce ball, ​tennis.

We equip sports halls with various surfaces:

All buildings are designed to safely withstand wind or snow.

Sports halls can be changed according to the needs of different sports activities and large events. An excellent choice for sports activities that require a large free space without support columns. Also, the hall can be divided into several smaller buildings using light PVC partition walls or nets, so that various sports activities can be performed in the hall at the same time.


In our offer, we offer a wide range of services related to the production and installation of canopies on business buildings adapted to the wishes of the client.

By installing new and upgrading existing canopies on commercial buildings, we ensure a space protected from the elements and shape it according to the specific needs of the client.


We are able to produce and install various shapes and sizes of halls for all purposes. Halls can be dismantled and rebuilt or moved to another location in complete form. Halls are very adaptable and can be upgraded to the existing facility.

The anchoring technique with a steel rod is one of the factors of the quick installation of the hall, which ensures the strength of the hall in any conditions.

Asphalt or concrete is usually sufficient for the base.